Space Saving Idea For Compact Model Railway Layouts -

A Space Saving Idea For Compact Model Railway Layouts

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If you’re tight on space for your model railway layout or want a efficient way of moving trains over a large vertical distance you’ll love this idea.

I stumbled across this inventive, clever, model railway layout idea from Professional Layout Services in Nottingham who design and manufacture baseboards.

Space Saving Model Railway Baseboard Layout“Spirals are the most efficient space saving way of forming gradients where a large climb or fall in the track level is required. Often used to access hidden storage sidings beneath the normal layout level, or as a way of making a train disappear and then emerge in a different place, on a different level and usually going in the opposite direction. A spiral can accommodate several tracks and in the case of the image shown, this twin track spiral has both an up and a down track to access hidden siding loops.”

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