The Easiest and Fastest Way To Ballast Your Track

Ballast transforms your railway from a train set to model railway but it’s time consuming, fiddly and slow to lay. No more. This ballast spreader will let you lay N, OO or HO gauge ballast quickly, easily and with minimum fuss.

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How’s it work?

Simply place the spreader on the track, fill the container with your chosen ballast and pull it along the rails. The dispenser drops ballast down the centre of the track and on either side of the rails, even creating the raised shoulder just as is seen on real railways.

Then it’s just a case of running your finger over the ballast to clear the sleepers. That’s it. So much easier and faster than other ballast laying techniques.

Here’s somewhat cheesy video showing it in action:

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Reviews of the ballast spreader

“This product makes a job we all hate into a job where you wish you had more track so that you could use it more often”
N Gauge version, buyer on Amazon

“Quality is very good and works well with OO gauge”
OO gauge version, Amazon reviewer

MRE: I’ve used the N gauge version for a while now and haven’t looked back since getting it.
It’s so much quicker, easier and tidier.

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