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Now where did I put it – the world’s smallest model railway

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world's smallest model railway

Looking for the world’s smallest model railway? Find it here but remember to bring your magnifying glasses.

At over 350,00 times smaller than its real life counterpart, this awesome model railway in miniature by David Smith from New Jersey is going to take some beating as the world’s smallest model railway.

David created the miniature marvel to fit inside a shop window that itself was on another model railway he was working on – a model railway within a model railway.

It comfortably beats already tiny T-Scale trains – 1:450 – that are available, I just hope David doesn’t forget where he puts it when next working on it!

Whatch the amazing video below, you only get a real idea just how small this wonder is when the tip of a ball-point pen is shown next to it at about  1 minute 40 seconds in.

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