Monday Model Railway Factoid #3 - Model Railway Engineer

Monday Model Railway Factoid #3

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Model Railways are usually built to a ratio of 1:76 (OO scale), 1:87 (HO scale) or 1:148 (N scale). But they can get a whole lot smaller!

Here on Model Railway Engineer, I’ve recently written about the world’s largest model railway Miniatur Wunderland in Germany.  But some people like to do things differently.

David Smith from New Jersey in particular.

He’s built the exact opposite, creating a truly miniature marvel in the form of a model railway that’s 350,00 times smaller than its real life counterpart and in so doing the world’s smallest model railway.

It’s small even compared to a ball point pen head! It’s a remarkable feat of engineering and needs to be seen to be believed but it’s real and can be seen here – world’s smallest model railway.

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