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Track soldering doesn’t have to be difficult. Watch this tip-packed video for trouble free track soldering the easy way. 

The tips here are just so obvious:

  • Soldering to the track connector instead the actual track,
  • Holding the connector in a block,
  • Securing the wiring down while soldering.

Note for DCC users:

Although this technique is much easier it’s not fool proof – you won’t always get perfect electrical connection between the rail joiners and track – so if you’re looking for perfect results, especially for DCC layouts, soldering direct to the track rails is still the better solution. Read this rail track soldering tip if this is what you have in mind and see my in-depth guide to soldering for even more tips.


So simples, why doesn’t everyone do it this way? If you’ve got any tips, share them to either via Twitter @modelrailwayeng or as a comment below.



  1. S.K.Dixit - July 26, 2016

    Working on the D.H.R. layout (HO gauge).Broke turnout recently while taking out, great tips ,thanks a lot.

  2. Good tip but would someone please explain to our American cousins that there is a L in solder! Am I the only one that this grates on?

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