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How to make your own grass

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How To Make Your Own Grass for Your Model Railway This is a short but great tip for making your own super-realistic grass by modeler Stephen Fay.

The grass is always greener…

If you’re unhappy with the look of your ground cover and look enviously at the beautiful models of others or perhaps don’t want to spend a fortune on expensive static grass this tip is for you .

“Grass is a surface I have always loved,”
Steffi Graf

Over to Stephen:

how to make your own grass

The end result: hand made grass on Stephen’s layout.

“Teddy bear fur is available in many lengths and base colours,  I sourced mine through eBay.

To dye the fur I use a mixture of poster paints both green and yellow.  It’s best to test the green first to see how it dries on a piece of paper as you might want to darken it first.

The easiest way to apply the paint is with your hands wearing an old pair of washing up gloves. Really work it in to the fur,  do the largest area you can for consistency.

If there is any clumping of the paint once dry, this can be brushed out with a scrubbing brush.

I bought my teddy bear fur at the length I wanted it but it’s easily cut using men’s hair clippers.  One you’re happy with the colour it’s a good idea to singe the fur using a blow torch – this should be done very quickly and with supervision if needed.

To finish off, add various other scenics depending on the ground cover you wish to represent.”

You can see further photos of Stephen’s work on his Facebook page.

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  1. tom - May 5, 2017

    Would like to see more tips

    • Hi Tom, thanks commenting. What aspect of modelling would be most useful? Andy

  2. Timothy - June 26, 2017

    Hello! Do you know if I can use spray paint instead?

    • Hi Timothy, I’ve tried that before (spay paint) and it can work but Stephen’s technique produces a better finish. Thanks. Andy

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