The easiest fix for wagons derailing on points

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If your wagons derail or jump while crossing points here’s one of the most common and easiest solutions.

This is a surprisingly common problem (I’ve touched on it before here) but this video from Blue Mountains Model Railway project describes one of easiest fixes for it.

Trains derailing and jerking around over points can be caused by many problems but if you are having problems with just wagons then it’s likely this quick and easy remedy will solve your problem and let your wagons run smoothly.

To summarise, the problem is down to the wheels being incorrectly spaced, even a few millimetres will cause problems.

Fixing it is just a matter of very gently moving the wheels on the axel until they’re the correct distance.

In the video, a screwdriver is used to check if the wheels are incorrectly spaced. This is okay but I prefer digital callipers which are more precise as described in theĀ previous post onĀ derailing rolling stock.

Check your wagons now and add a comment below if you find your wheels have the problem described here.

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