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How To Ballast Points

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how to ballast model railway pointsBallasting track is pretty straight forward but points are a whole different game! Those moving parts and springs are just crying out to get blocked up and wreck the operation of the point. But it needn’t be that troublesome, here’s a quick video that takes you through the process.

The video is from the Everard Junction and as with all his videos clearly shows the how to do it with useful background information. Watch the video now.

Essentially, when ballasting normal trace you sprinkle the ballast onto the track surface, clear excess and then spray a PVA/water/washing up solution over the top to hold it in place. The ballast tutorial covers this if you’re interested.

Extra: If you’re looking for an easy way to deposit ballast on your track I’ve previously had great success with the Ballast Spreader. It’s available for OO/HO and N gauges and has saved me a lot of time.


For points, spraying PVA would lock up the point springs and moving parts.

The approach used on Everard Junction is to carefully paint PVA between the sleepers of the point, avoiding delicate areas and then sprinkle the ballast so avoiding sensitive areas, regularly testing the points as you go. Glue first with a brush then sprinkle.

I’ve used this technique on my layout points and I’ve now got flawlessly working ballasted points but if you have alternative I’d love to hear it.

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