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Not To Be Missed Deals and Offers on Trains, Track and Tools

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hornby R3490 class08The best offers, discounts, deals and savings I’ve found on model railway trains, track and tools.

20% Off Hornby Track Extension Pack A

Hornby’s popular track expansion pack for OO gauge railways is available at 20% off at the moment. Even if you’re not following a Hornby track plan, this pack is a great all round pack of track with one short and two long straight sections, a left hand point and one curve section (2nd radius). I’m not sure how long this discount will last but you can take advantage of of the deal here.

£30 Off Digital Caliper

Mitutoyo Digimatic CaliperCaliper’s are one of my most used tools for track work and model making. From trouble shooting track and wheels to ensuring model elements are the precisely the right size and will fit they just can’t be beaten.

And for accuracy it just has to be digital which is why I prefer this particular version so I’m particularly pleased to find they’re at the moment with saving of almost £30 off the normal price.

There are cheaper ones but I’ve found those break easily and the batteries don’t last compared to these and it’s superior build quality. Read more.

34% Off Head Magnifier

Ever since my wife gave me these as a gift I’ve wondered how I got by without them! An adjustable head visor with four magnification levels and LED light just makes working on the layout, at my workbench and on models so much easier and more comfortable. Small details zoom into view and tiny fixtures and fittings that I’d otherwise have missed become clearly visible. I can’t recommend these enough and as they’re currently at 34% off their normal price they’re  a bargain too.

And if you’re still unsure just read the reviews, you can’t argue with 480 people! Click here for full details.

Hornby Intercity Class 08 Diesel Locomotive Under £30!

hornby R3490 class08Who doesn’t love class 08 diesel shunters! And this Hornby model is a steal at under £30, including UK delivery!

It’s on limited supply so get it while you can.

Read more.

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