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Adding realism to your plastic buildings

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chalk buildingsPlastic kits make it easy to add buildings to your layout but they often lack the finishing touch and can look like fake. Here’s an incredibly quick and easy tip to elevate them from looking like toys to real buildings.

Plastic model kits are getting better and better. They now feature so much detail they’re almost perfect.

Almost. But not quite.

The plastic models by their very nature have that awful gloss oily finish. No matter how good the detail without further work they still look like toys.

Painting them is fun and gives a great sense of achievement but it’s also time consuming and take a lot of practice to get right.

Modeller Alex Nichols has a quick and easy technique that brings them to life without the wait of paint.

Just watch the quick clip aboveĀ and have a go yourself. Essentially, it’s a case of applying chalk or pastel, blending it in and then fixing with a gentle spray. Job done.

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