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Building Forests On A Budget

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model railway forestI’ve just read about a great idea that I haven’t seen before. It’s from the book “Scenic Modelling” by John de Frayssinet and if you haven’t got this book I really recommend it to any model makers.

[Intermediate] – Here’s a great tip I’ve just read about for cheaply creating dense tree growth and forested areas.

Of Gin, Grime and Geoff Burch

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the keep ramblings of a railwaymanI spent last night in a local pub drinking some absolutely delicious Tiger Gin. What’s that got to do with model railways you ask….

[Intermediate] How a visit to the pub and meeting railway author Geoff Burch improved my model railways.

Making A Garage Fit For A Railway

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garage railwayI’ve had a few emails and comments recently from modellers asking if a garage can be used to house their model railway.

[Intermediate] Making a garage suitable for a model railway.

How To Construct Cuttings

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railway cuttingDoes your railway track lie flat on it’s baseboard? If you answered yes, your model railway is wrong.

[Intermediate] Does your railway track lie flat on it’s baseboard? If you answered yes, your model railway is wrong.

How to make bushes

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bush plantingShortly after publishing a recent article on making stone bridges I got a number of messages from modellers wanting to know more about the vegetation seen in the photo. Here’s how I make my bushes.

[Intermediate – Model Making] I get asked a lot how I make my bushes on my model railways. Here’s my short but fiddly technique.

The 5 Must Have Tools That Have Transformed My Track Work From Terror To Triumph

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best tools for model railway track There are an astonishing 10,072 miles of track in the UK.

[Intermediate] The five tools that have transformed my track work.

My Five Favourite Model Train Maintenance Tips Of 2016

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wheel cleaningOne of the most common questions I get is how to maintain locomotives and track so trains run smoothly — I seemed to get a desperate plea for help daily over the last year. So rather than write another exhaustive how-to on the subject here are my favourite five tips that I’ve recommend most often during 2016.

[Beginners & Intermediate] How to clean and maintain trains: the top five tips for cleaning and maintaining track and locos that I’ve recommend most often during 2016.

Making Model Railway Trackcam Video

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track camIf you’ve seen some of the track cam videos over on YouTube and want to make your own but don’t want to go to the expense of equipping your train with a GoPro there are budget alternatives you can try.

[Intermediate] Making driver eye-view videos of your model railway.

How to make your own stone bridge. What do you think of mine?

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stone bridgeWant a stone bridge on your railway? You could go and buy a plastic kit… Or you follow these 7 steps and make you own.

[Advanced Modelling] After posting a photo of my layout featuring a bridge on Instagram I’ve had a lot of requests asking how I made the bridge. Here’s my technique. What do you think?

Quick tip for better backscenes

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Vale of Oxbury model railwayHere’s a quick tip for more credible backscenes and realistic layouts.

[Advanced] A quick tip for more credible backscenes and realistic layouts.