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Playing With Dapol Knuckle Couplers

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N Gauge knuckle coupler


That was a sound I used to hear from the trains that ran past my home as a small boy.

[Intermediate] Improving the realism of wagons with new Dapol magnetic knuckle couplers.

Changing Track – How To Alter Already Laid Track

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rail alterationIt happens on every layout at one point or another.

[Intermediate] How to change and alter already laid track without destroying your rails. Suitable for OO and N gauge track work.

Railways in a garage? One enthusiasts view

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Following on from the recent post on fitting a garage out for a railway, here’s another railway builders experiences of having a railway in the garage.

[Intermediate] One modellers experience of building a layout in the garage.

Disguising tunnel access

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Tunnels are great but they also present a problem. How to gain access to the track buried deep inside a tunnel without having ugly gaps in your scenery.

[Intermediate] How I disguised a tunnel access point and without needing to remodel the scenery each time.

Baseboard tips: make wiring easier with a splash of paint

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I wish I’d done this before my most recent journey to the dark side of my layout!

[Intermediate] Your eyes will thank you so give this a go too BEFORE your next visit to the dark side of your model railway.

Building Forests On A Budget

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model railway forestI’ve just read about a great idea that I haven’t seen before. It’s from the book “Scenic Modelling” by John de Frayssinet and if you haven’t got this book I really recommend it to any model makers.

[Intermediate] – Here’s a great tip I’ve just read about for cheaply creating dense tree growth and forested areas.

Of Gin, Grime and Geoff Burch

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the keep ramblings of a railwaymanI spent last night in a local pub drinking some absolutely delicious Tiger Gin. What’s that got to do with model railways you ask….

[Intermediate] How a visit to the pub and meeting railway author Geoff Burch improved my model railways.

Making A Garage Fit For A Railway

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garage railwayI’ve had a few emails and comments recently from modellers asking if a garage can be used to house their model railway.

[Intermediate] Making a garage suitable for a model railway.

How To Construct Cuttings

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railway cuttingDoes your railway track lie flat on it’s baseboard? If you answered yes, your model railway is wrong.

[Intermediate] Does your railway track lie flat on it’s baseboard? If you answered yes, your model railway is wrong.

How to make bushes

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bush plantingShortly after publishing a recent article on making stone bridges I got a number of messages from modellers wanting to know more about the vegetation seen in the photo. Here’s how I make my bushes.

[Intermediate – Model Making] I get asked a lot how I make my bushes on my model railways. Here’s my short but fiddly technique.