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Six simple steps you can use to make glorious model mud

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making mudMud glorious mud. Or it is until you try to recreate it in model form. Here are six simple steps you can follow to make marvellously messy mud.


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how to make model mud for a diorama or model railway

Six simple steps you can follow to make marvellously realistic model mud. Ideal if your layout is set in bygone times when paths and roads were often just muddy tracks.

Want realistic roads on your railway? Here’s how one artist does it perfectly

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how to make roads29,145 miles. Read Now

how to make roads

How to make amazing asphalt roads and car parks for your model railway.

Fixing & Connecting wires together without soldering

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track wiringIf you struggle with joining wires — such as track feeders to bus wiring — this is for you. Read Now

track wiring

How to join feeder and bus wires without soldering. A quick and easy solution.

How To Make Your Own Rerailer – Z, N or OO gauge

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This is a creative DIY tip for making your own portable rerailer is almost too simple. Read Now

How to make a portable rerailer for easy rolling stock placement for Z, N and OO gauge.

Track Cleaning: How to clean track, the definitive guide.

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Here’s a little secret. Read Now

How to clean OO, HO, O, N and Z gauge track. What’s the best material to use when and what NOT to use!

The best of both in 4ft square

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dual gauge model railwayHow to have a railway that looks good from a distance with lovely large landscapes features but also works up close with lots of detail visible in your figures and models? Read Now

It’s nice to watch trains running through landscapes but sometimes you want the interesting detail of a town scene. How to have both in a small layout?

Coupling Explained – Hornby, Triang, Bachmann and Dapol couplers

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understanding model railway couplersCorrecting an omission. Read Now

understanding model railway couplers

Everything you could want to know about model railway couplers, from Hornby, Triang, Bachmann, Lima, Dapol incl. NEM sockets.

How to remove fish plates / rail joiners – Sunday Scribbles

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rail joiner toolHow to remove fish plates without damaging your rails, or your nails. Read Now

rail joiner tool

How to remove fish plates without damaging your rails, or your nails.

Tiny Terrific Track Tweaks : how to make your track work look better

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fish plate rail joinersI’m always on the lookout for ways to improve the look of my railways. Just recently I came across these fish plates and wow do they make a difference to track work.

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Track Bars

Make your model railway track look better with authentic fish plates, just take a look at these.

Model Making 101: Making Your Own Washes

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black ink wash stockIndispensable. Expensive. No Longer. Read Now

black ink wash stock

How to make your own model painting wash.