Not just trains: cars, vans and boats for model railways

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scale car for model railwayWant a car for your OO gauge level crossing? A fishing boat for your N scale harbour? A cycle outside the signal box? Who wouldn’t.
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This isn’t a tip as such but note a heads-up on nice complementary vehicles for OO and N scale model railways.

The next level of modelling – is it real or a model?

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Marcel AckleLooking for ideas and inspiration for your modelling? Look no further than the models of Marcel Ackle, it’s hard to tell if you’re looking at a model or the real thing. His work has to be seen to be believed. Read This

Tips and ideas from a master model maker, his glorious models have to be seen to be believed.

Reader Question – what to do with track offcuts

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Recently a reader raised a great question. What to do with track offcuts? Read This

What to do with the track offcuts? Help a fellow modeller with your knowledge and suggestions.

How to make your own trees, a new technique

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make your own treesI’ve covered making trees here before but I’m always on the look out for new techniques.

I recently came across this approach and have been impressed by initial results. Read This

I’ve covered making trees before but I’m always on the look out for new, better, techniques and this alternative approach is producing great results.

9 Top Tips to Laying Flexitrack

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Flexible track is a quicker, easier, option for track work but comes with its own problems. Here are the 9 best tips from the collective wisdom of the internet on how to properly lay flexitrack and take your track work to the next level. Read This

Take your track work to the next level with these flexi-track bending, joining and cutting tips from experts across the web.

How I make make my trains look better – a simple, cheap and effective tip

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Make your own wagon loads for your model railway

Want to make your trains look better? Here’s how I make quick, easy and cheap wagon loads and add extra realism to my trains. Read This

Want to make your trains look better? Here’s a quick, easy and cheap technique to making your own wagon loads and adding extra realism to your railway.

Model Railway Beginners Q&A: How to connect more power leadsto a model railway set

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If you’ve added more track to your model railway set you’ll reach a point where just one power-clip isn’t enough. But how do you get more power to your track and trains? Read This

If you’ve extended your model train set sooner or later you’ll need more power for your track and trains. Here’s my latest Beginners Q&A on getting more power to your railway.

11 Screaming Steam Train Rides This Halloween (2016)

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Are you brave enough to try one of these hair-raising trick or treat train rides this Halloween? Read This

My pick of the 11 best steam & scream rides to make a train fan’s skin crawl during the Halloween weekend.

Autumnal Projects & Ideas To Inspire

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track leavesGreat update projects to work on around your railway as the Sun set sets earlier and the heat of long summer days fade. Read This

It’s officially Autumn and as the Sun sets earlier and the heat of long summer days fade it’s a great time to work on your layout. Here are some great update projects for your railway and ideas to inspire you during the coming months.

How I fixed my runaway trains

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I recently ran into a frustrating problem where my DCC locomotives just ran away by themselves. After a bit of head scratching I found an answer. Read This

While wiring up a small section of DCC track recently I ran into a frustrating problem where the locomotives ignored control changes and shot off on their own. Here’s how I fixed it, I’d would love to hear your suggestions.